Sunday, September 26, 2010

Is your web site or Fanpage driving more customers to you?

I would like to think there is multiple ways to market art.  Alyson Stanfield - I'd rather be in the Studio. Is an excellent book on the marketing tools that an artist needs to be successful.  She talks in detail on the many ways to market your work. You can find her work at
As an artist I look for many venues to showcase my work. Whether it be through donations to charities, word of mouth, competitions, direct mail ( thats the stuff that the mailman picks up and delivers, remember that ), emailers and of course the selling of my artwork. My web site seems to get lots of hits and so does my Fanpage. By the way, THANK YOU all for checking out my artwork and leaving wonderful comments. But I guess I just want to know if anybody who has a business or is getting a business started, what is working for you?  What vehicle is driving more customers to you?  Is it your website or if have you created Fanpage?