Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Memories of Tigers gone by...

Time and time again I've been asked if I had any layouts of Tigers from the years past. Layouts of Chris Osgood or Lanny just to name a few. Again this week I'm faced with the same question. Unfortunate This is one the reason I' m doing this project. For the opportunity to share some of the moments of these future NHLer's with the fans.
 Imagine having this kind of photo layout or keepsake of Trevor Linden, Joffrey Lupul, Jay Bouwmeester, Chris Osgood, and of course Lanny. Way too cool!

Every year out from the CHL there is up and coming future NHL stars. With Jay Bouwmeester, Joffrey Lupul, Ryan Hollweg, Matt Keetley and Chris St. Jacques,  I had the opportunity to create paintings of these past Tigers.
With the exception of Keetley, there was limited edition prints created which went for sale to the fans and general public in the Medicine Hat area.  These are memories that will last a long time.

Matt Keetley - The painting of Keetz  - 2009

A piece of Memorabilia give away at Tigers Game

is a project to create an interest amongst fans for the action photographs taken of players during this seasons Tigers games..
  By offering this 20 photos per game photography project fans can enjoy memories of Tigers players in the years to come. The low limited edition run of each player will give more value to the photo and the certificate of authenticity seals the project nicely. The other part that I really enjoy about this project is the fact that I get to walk and talk to the fans at the game. It brings a different aspect to the project which is the personal touch. Where I can first of all thank the fans for coming out and they in turn can get to know me and my work a little bit more...
.....Lets Chat!....

If you missed the previous Blogs you can check them out here... Tyler Bunz - BLOG  and now of Cole Grbavac - BLOG.  The next player is yet to be announced. If you missed out on the limited edition photos of these players,'ll have to try your luck for the next player photos at the next Tigers game.

If you get a chance to experience a Tigers game and you see me walking around with these photos layouts, stop me and say hi. Tell me that you have read my blogs and you'll get a limited edition photo layout. It's that simple.
If you like this idea please let the Tigers Facebook know about it or at
Thank you and see you at the games!  ...Joe...

" For the past few and again this WHL hockey season, I have been fortunate to photo-shoot future NHLer's.
To capture these talented players who put their heart and soul on the ice each and every game is an honor in itself.  As I venture through the Arena corridors I am faced with many great future memories of the players from both teams, team personal and the fans in the stands.  It is for this reason that I wish to capture these frames in time and a moment in peoples lives at the games.
....To render a pose for ever.... "
Joe Versikaitis - Artist / Photographer

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