Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fatty - The painting of my first goalie mask!!

This goalie mask is a project that has been going on for sometime. The mask belongs to a co-worker of mine by the name of Marlo.  Being that Marlo is a huge Philadelphia Flyers FAN the theme of this piece has to do with the Flyers.  Marlo and I decided that it would be great to acknowledge Bernie Parent and  Pelle Lindbergh
 To start I had to sand, prime, and add a layer of paint to the front  and back part of the mask. I then searched for reference photos to use and created a design that looks some what good. 
Painting this mask is going to be done with my old air brush. Now I haven't done air brush work for over 12 years so I'll be a little rusty.

The back of the mask once the priming and first coat of paint was put on it.

Here I have done painting on the back part of the mask. I used the air brush with the help of my smaller painting brushes. Those little air holes, I believe I painted those buggers about 5 times before I was satisfied with what I had. The piercing eyes looking at you. I wanted to make them seem like they are stuck back in a shadow....

Here I have put on the straps that to show what it's going to look like from the back of the mask...
Almost like some kind of Warrior!!!!

" FATTY " is a nick name that Marlo goes by in his hockey career...