Sunday, November 7, 2010

Medicine Hat Tigers vs Saskatoon Blades.Photos for this week...Nov 7th,2010

This blog of photos was taken at the Medicine Tigers game on November 6th, 2010. I get the privilege, along with another gentleman by the name of Eugene Erik to take photos for the Tigers. I feel like I have the best seat in the house....Hope you enjoy these pics!

Nov 6th, 2010. Medicine Hat Tigers vs Saskatoon Blades


#9 Hunter Shinkaruk has himself a goal after receiving a great pass from fellow teammate #15 Linden Vey.

#34 Kale Kessy comes in spraying snow behind the net while goaltender Adam Morrison tries to clear the puck.

This shot of Emerson Etem is one that I always wanted to do with a player. That is having the player looking to the side while having their back to the camera. 

 This shot of Kale Kessy I caught my luck. I just happen to look over in front of the net  the puck was shot by Defensive Sebastian Owuya. Kale just held his stick between his leg and tried to redirect the puck to the net.  These kind of photos are the ones that I always want to get but have a hard time capturing. I either shake the camera a little so that the picture comes out blurred or like my mother used to take pictures and only get part of the body and miss the rest of the shot!
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