Monday, April 18, 2011

Pre-game Crowd Pump Up

I never get enough of these shots!
The way the spot light hits Bunzys equipment, the net and the ice brings an artistic dimension to my sport photography...
The reflection of Bunzy on the ice surface makes it look like he stand on a frozen pond and not the arena ice at all.
The process in taking a shot like this is a little tricky.
Everything from getting the correct setting, of course lighting, and running from one place of the arena to where I can get this is all about
After taking my shots of the on ice playoff Pre-game crowd pump up ( maybe we should call this P C P U )
I run, well walk fast to the home team end/corner of the arena. It's about 120 feet away.
In that distance I can get my camera settings, grab my chair and then once there I take a few shots of Bunz while the arena announcer yells out " Starting in goal, number 31--- Ty-lerrrrr Bunzzz!"

The other element to this photo is the FRENZIED acknowledgement of the crowd when his name is being announced.
Gives my passion for sports photography one more element...!