Friday, January 21, 2011

The Final Whistle...

The Zebras...the funny and out of the ordinary shots.

To me there is nothing more exciting then going to do a photo shoot at a Medicine Hat Tigers game. As I drive my way to the arena, the ideas of what shots I want to take and who I should be taking shots of all races through my mind. I always have a list of 2 or 3 players that I need to concentrate on and the then there is the action shots for the W.H.L. 
I know the players are the main purpose for the shoot. But there is so much more going on in the game besides the players. Like the opportunity to photo shoot the dramatic referees.  At  times they are ignored in a game until they make a call then of course every one's eyes are on them.

 As an artist and photographer, I watch for the emotion and the facial expression of people. Not only are these next photos popular with my viewers but to me are somewhat funny and out of the ordinary shots.   

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The Intensity.

Three heads is always better then one.

As I took this shot, one of the referees turns to me and actually called me a Paparazzi. Can you believe the nerve of him? 
Again terrible

 I've often talked about how the referee seems to get in the way of me and the player that I'm following. Well here is my million dollar shot. In this play Wacey Hamilton #36 scored and of course I missed the shot....

Another one of those wonderful shots...

The Linesmen....Oh yes The Linesmen. This one in particular is kinda funny if you look at the size difference between the player and the linesman. My hat goes off to linesman Cochrane for keeping the peace on the ice.

The call is made but there is still time for arguing....

They do crack a smile every once in a while.

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