Monday, February 14, 2011

Pre Game Rituals

 I've been creating a series of photos as the players are coming out onto the ice for their pre game warm up. I guess you call these photos a series because they are basically the same idea and style.
What I would like to do is capture the player's Pre Game Ritual.
It all starts as the players stand in the hallway underneath the bleachers near the entrance to the ice surface. They wait for one of there theme song called Hell Yeah by Rev Theory to play. Then in a single file they advance towards the ice surface just in time to hear the arena announcer yell out 
" Lead by Tyler Bunz  ( or in many cases Deven Dubyk)....
 Your Medicine Haaaat T-I-G-E-R-S!" 
and the whole Arena explodes with excitement for their home town heros!
The intensity before show time.

Ok maybe not too much

Can't forget The Fans..

...and yet there is players like Reid Petryk that come out with a great big Positive Attitude.
...Game in and Game out...
His laughter rubs off on his team mates!

The one thing I love about rituals is that they are all unique. Take Hunter, No matter if it's warm up or game time the mouth guard makes it's way outside the mouth.

With my Pre Game shoot , I'm perched in the opposition bench across the ice from where the Tigers enter the ice surface.  While I take these photos and watch the players formative warm up. I get to see the little rituals of each individual player. Everything from juggling of a puck, to the back and forth speed skating in between the two side boards and to the goalies practicing their lateral movements in the crease. 
I believe that's what drives me to take more pictures. Like I said earlier, what I would like to do is capture the player's Pre Game Ritual.  To Trap, if you pardon the pun, the few moments of total concentration of each player as he follows his warm up routine.

I use art to apprehend an illusion of a players game. Even though I have my style of creating I always strive for the new and out of the ordinary composition. 
With photography, I have the ability to freeze a moment in a players life..

As the players single file onto the ice surface I want to capture their Pre Game Ritual. But sometimes an ordinary routine isn't ordinary at all...

Maybe not a Pre Game Ritual....Dylan The skate Guard buddy!

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