Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Zebras with their Timely Expressions...

As a sport photographer going to a Tigers hockey game, I'm always looking for that unique action shot. The one shot that will make an impact on people or create some kind of conversation piece. Watching and basically studying these future NHLer's is a feast of its own. The hard work ethic and talent is displayed on the ice for the fans to enjoy, game in and game out.
Sometimes while trying to create a play which would allow a scoring chance. The player gets up ended by the opposition player. All a part of the sport.  For some players it's a sport of timely words but from a referee's point of view, it's different. This is what I call ..." Timely Expressions! "

Here is some pic's from recent and games gone by that display a bit of humor and 
..Timely Expressions..

The... " You really didn't understand that call ?!? "... expression

The... " Oh come on that wasn't a hard hit ! "... expression

The... " Is this going to take long ? "... expression

The... " Oh NO..Him again ! "... expression

The... " Oh Man! "... expression

The... " Why me Lord?! "... expression

The... " he's still talking ! "... expression

The... " If I turn and pretend to talk to someone else he'll go away...Right ? "... expression

The... " He's gone...Wow that worked! "... expression

My favorite is...
The... " Good lord what do they feed these kids ! "... expression

But I believe sometimes there are one expression that speaks for itself from a players point of view anyway...

The... " This isn't good ! "... expression

" I hope you enjoyed these pic's and I look forward to another season of 
timely expressions. "
Joe Versikaitis 
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A piece of Memorabilia give away at Tigers Game - Oct 1, 2011

Between the Medicine Hat Tigers and Edmonton oil Kings.

Courtesy of Alberta Sports Artist and Photographer Joe Versikaitis, some lucky fan at the game will receive an 8 x 10 photo layout of Tyler Bunz. This is a 20 Photo Limited Edition print run.  
Throughout the hockey season there will be prints of other Tiger players made available. These are numbered photos and will have a certificate available with them.

If you're a lucky recipient of a print don't forget to get it signed by Tyler to give the print that much more value.

" For the past few and again this WHL hockey season, I have been fortunate to photo-shoot future NHLer's.
To capture these talented players who put their heart and soul on the ice each and every game is an honor in itself.  As I venture through the Arena corridors I am faced with many great future memories of the players from both teams, team personal and the fans in the stands.  It is for this reason that I wish to capture these frames in time and a moment in peoples lives at the games.
....To render a pose for ever.... "
Joe Versikaitis - Artist / Photographer
This article is copyrighted to Versikaitis - The Art of Sport. Any reproduction without written consent is strictly prohibited.