Monday, November 22, 2010

It just goes to show that you never know when or where your photos will show up..Who's hot, who's not - Medicine Hat's Tyler Pitlick big talk on - Photo Courtesy by Joe Versikaitis

Medicine Hat Tigers forward Tyler Pitlick could be on the verge of claiming his spot on the American squad in the world junior tournament. Pitlick is lighting the lamp and helping buoy the surge from the Tigers in the home stretch before the holiday break.
 By Patrick King at
Tyler Pitlick - Medicine Hat Tigers

 I usually go to the Arena with a couple ideas of what stance and which player I would like to photo shoot.  Some nights I will follow the goalies. Others nights I will follow the defense and then other nights I follow the forwards.  Heck, there is nights when all I shoot is the back side of the referees as they so kindly skate in front of me while I'm taking my million dollar
The W.H.L. likes to see action shots which shows a player from each team in it. Shots like checking into the boards, taking face offs, the action in front of the net and of course goal shots. To me the action shots is what excite me the most. I understand the game well enough to anticipate of what's coming next. So I can start shooting when I see fit. One thing for sure, sometimes I get the shot and sometimes I don't.

 I will say, that towards the end of the game after I've taken my share of photos. I always seem to have a little bit more inspiration to follow 1 more players. I will follow this players for 3 to 4 shifts and see what comes out of that. 

In this picture of Tyler Pitlick I only followed him for 1 shift...That's it...It just goes to show that you never know when or where your photos will show up.  Although, to have my Art work show cased in such a great media would have been an awesome experience. Having my photo displayed to the world by is a very great honor.

Thank you to the Medicine Hat Tigers, Patrick King and for giving me this opportunity to show case my work. 

Along with an awesome write up about Tyler Pitlick, this shot is being feature on by Patrick King

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