Saturday, April 2, 2011

Painting of Jarome Iginla

I find it fascinating when someone tells me that they seen my work on the net. When asked how they found my work the answer is usually the same. I was looking for a painting on so n so and your name popped up.
 The gentlemen was looking for a painting on Jarome Iginla and guess what my previous work on Jarome showed up. Way too cool, thanks to the internet I can get back into my studio. The painting will be auctioned off so we worked out a deal.

 This painting is 30 wide x 40 high Acrylics on canvas, close to 8 1/2 square feet surface.

The blank Canvas

About 3 hours of sketching a rough face drawing.  Mostly the helmet is what took the work. The print out on the left is part of the layout that I do on my Mac. I first layout the correct size in photoshop then I make print outs of the piece that i created  and then I transfer the image onto my canvas. I use a series of measuring devices like my pencil and a ruler to get the most accurate detail as possible.

Up to here it's taken me close to 14 hours

When drawing straight lines on canvas. You have to be a ware of the sag of the material. When you push on the canvas of course it will sag.  Now your line has a curve to it.
To prevent this I used a piece of foam core board and place it behind the canvas. I wedge it between the material and the wooden frame to give it strength.
Now I can use a straight edge to get my lines for the stick

I love the idea that I can get my computer screen as close as possible to the canvas. I can zoom in and out for the detail.
The white lines on the photo on the screen
is guide lines to keep me on track with the painting and keeps everything in perspective.

Working side ways gives me yet a different aspect.

I'm just drawing out the string tie on the jersey....
Doing my art and watching my favorite show the " Cake Boss " on TLC

Kinda looks like he's watching me paint...EH! Budda Boom, Budda Bing!

I had the honor to talk to Stephen Holland today. We talked about marketing and everything in between. You can view this great artist work at  Stephen Holland

Many a times I had the opportunity to study Jarome Iginla in a stance. Again I was amazed at both the level of focus and intensity he brings to the game. For the number of years that Iggy has been in the NHL, his pose has inspired over 35,000 photographs. To me as an artist these photos are like candy to a little kid in a store. Ample references supplies. Whatever pose I see on the ice I know there will be enough reference photos to help me paint it. 

In doing this painting of Jarome Iginla. I had some very interesting experiences.

First, in my art career I’ve done murals that are over 10 foot tall and wide.  This is the first time that I've ever done a painting this big on canvas. The best thing about it I'm already looking forward to my next 30 x 40 painting. 

Second of all, it was the challenges that came into affect when a person commits to venture like this one. This painting threw a curve ball at me a couple of times. One being I am not used to having a neutral background. I always have characters or the presence of a crowd. The other is the number 12, which gave me some grief for some reason. Looks good now!

The third experience was trying to figure out how to get this painting signed by Jarome.
  We haven't figured it out yet!

The fourth, I had the most gratifying opportunity to talk to one of this generation world known sports artist, Stephen Holland. This down to earth gentleman had nothing but great marketing advice and the modesty of telling me that my work was good!...What a guy!

 Finally, as an artist not only did I get the opportunity to create this painting but I believe also formed a friendship. 
Here is to my newfound friends Hussain and Stephen.

Started February 27th and finished May 21, 2011...A total of 225 hours.
I don't believe the more hours you put into a piece makes the painting.
I believe it takes strategy and a little bit of patience's to create an illusion of colors and shapes.... 
Joe Versikaitis. 

Thank you for visiting with me. I hope you enjoyed your stay but if you would like 
to view more step by step of this painting visit... 
A painting of Jarome Iginla by Alberta Sports Artist Joe Versikaitis

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